GRANER 16/20 Is an advisory table formed by representatives of each association (APDC and ACPD), representatives of Mercat de les Flors, ICUB, Graner, La Caldera and independent representatives that will held working meetings in which they will reflect on and discuss about GRANER’s future strategic lines as a creation centre dedicated to dance and body language during the following four years (2016-2020). The resulting working document will be presented at the Festival Sismògraf, festival de dansa de Catalunya at Olot (25th-28th April).

The 2014 report is essential in order to evaluate last year GRANER’s management. It is particularly important because in 2015 it is necessary to analyse and reflect on the strategies and actions that have been undertaken by GRANER during its first four years of existence.

It is a common responsibility of all those taking part in in GRANER to take some time to think about the reality of the dance sector, to redefine its various segments (organised and independent sector, public administration and reference structures), and to consider how should GRANER respond to the demands of the sector during its second period (2016-2020).

It is also important to delve deeply in the different perceptions of works, creators, representational frameworks, relation with the audience, etc. and to ask ourselves how can we create a content delivery space (both theoretical and practical, visible and invisible) that fosters Catalan artists and connects both with the international context and the Catalan artist’s community and at the same time creates the optimal conditions that allow that BODY, WORD and artwork MOVEMENT create a framework that is sensitive to circulation within the international context.