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8th SÂLMON< FESTIVAL Jan 30th - Feb 16th > SAVE THE DATE


The connected pieces that the artist Laia Estruch has presented as an image of the Festival explain very well the starting point of the relationship between the different spaces that shape the map of links of the 8th edition of the Festival. An edition designed as a dialogue between different spaces which regularly feature contemporary performing arts as part of their programmes, research work, residences and projects.

SÃLMON< and its participating organizations are committed to supporting artists, their individual work processes and realities to pave the way for a viable and sustainable artistic career. All of our collaborators help make this possible by working to design a convenient and differential context to provide new, cutting edge forms of presentation and launch, to create a unique rapport between artist and spectator in order to share practices, meetings and new ways of perceiving artistic realities and the performing arts. Therefore the programme of this seventh edition is a map of Barcelona’s cultural ecosystem.
It is promoted by Graner, the Mercat de les Flors, Fabra i Coats – Creation Factory and Barcelona City Council in conjunction with the Antic Teatre, La Caldera and La Poderosa in their joint wish to create a network of dialogue to build an increasingly strong, interwoven fabric in the form of contemporary arts festival in the city Meanwhile, other key spaces such as the Teatre Lliure CaixaForum, MACBA, Sala Hiroshima, Joan Miró Foundation or Zumzeig also host the festival’s events, and each endeavour to foster dialogue, supporting author’s proposals and together make up a more open and cohesive SÂLMON< Festival.


Des del Graner ja portem mesos acompanyant propostes que hi participaran, formant part de la co-curadoria del Festival i per tant esperant-lo amb ganes! El viurem activament acollint residències de creació i propostes escèniques, transitant-lo amb projectes com #FF90, Aguablanda, Bar Yola, etc.

SAVE THE DATE > JAN 30th – FEB 16th > Check the programme >

Dance & Contemporary Performing Arts // Knowledge, works in progress & artistic practices // Multiple voices and 15 venues in Barcelona involved

3 weeks of artistic programming // Stage programme with more than 30 national and international artists // Expanded programme: artistic practices, educational and community projects