ACME – Albert Quesada, Zoltán Vakulya & Federica Porello

“It’s time” is a piece for stage with three dancers and live musicians investigating, interrogating and manipulating the subjective experience of the passage of time. It proposes a break from our “linear”, chronometric life – a moment in the theatre to explore the sound and motion of diluted, vertical time.

With aesthetics inspired from graphic novels and their depiction of the passage of time in “fictional space”; the performers and musicians will speed up, slow down, freeze in motion and reverse their own movements, bringing into play the uncanny, dissociative elements of directionality, suspension and gravity that determine our perception of time and motion.

The meaning of the piece will be activated and animated by the rhythm of the viewer’s attention, through continuous movement, through anticipation, observation and recollection.

”What we have come to realize is that it is the uncanny quality that fascinates us is the manipulation of our sense of time.” 

Idea: ACME (Albert Quesada, Federica Porello, and Zoltán Vakulya) & Octavi Rumbau Music composition: Octavi Rumbau Dance and Choreography: Albert Quesada, Federica Porello, Zoltán Vakulya Created with Marcus Baldemar Musicians: Miquel Bernat & Ensemble Funktion Light Design: Bert Van Dijck Costumes: Sofie Durnez Program Text: JS Rafaeli Production: ACME / Kosmonaut Production Co-Production: L’Auditori de Barcelona – Sampler Sèries, Charleroi Danses Production support: Flemish Authorities, wpZimmer, TAKT/Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof, Kunstencentrum BUDA, STUK, El Graner Thanks to: Mireia de Querol

Quim Bigas / Sâlmon< Festival

Aquesta conversa (This conversation)

This proposal is part of the APPRAISERS universe, i.e. a project that explores the format, concept and methodology ramifications that arise from conversations about real time information and data in connection to the choreographic practice. Committed by Graner to Quim Bigas, this conversation aims at being relevant and applicable to various fields, and is ready to be shared at any time.

Jefta Van Dinther

Interview with Jefta Van Dinther after a two weeks residence in Graner with his project As It Empties Out.

Marcos Morau – CND

Marcos Morau, choreographer with the up-and-coming company La Veronal, has created a piece for the CND. The great national company directed by José Carlos Martínez is committed to promoting the emerging talent of our young artists.

Portland – Buenos Aires

The Sala Timbre 4 in Buenos Aires, directed by the prestigious playwright, director and teacher of theatre Claudio Tolcachir, will showcase a selection of Catalan productions gathered together under the name: Temporada Alta in Buenos Aires – Catalan Week at Timbre 4.  This project has arisen from a partnership between the Temporada Alta Festival and the Sala Timbre 4 theatre. Its goal is to bring Catalan theatre to Argentinian audiences, fulfilling Temporada Alta’s own mandate of becoming a springboard for the international promotion of Catalan performing arts. The project is sponsored by the Ramon Llull Institute.
Timbre 4 will showcase the dance production Portland, by Lali Ayguadé & Marcos Morau, staged at the last Temporada Alta Festival (#FF80).

Marcos Morau with CND

 Marcos Morau (director of La Veronal) has started an artistic collaboration with CND (Compañía Nacional de Danza) as guest choreographer.