El Graner, as a center for creation for movement and body language, hosts emerging trends on these languages, opening up to new creative forms, able to adapt to changes in its environment, proposing new models and management structures. Creation is our main area of work and we encourage contemporary languages. Our goal is to be able to adapt to a changing environment and we propose new models and management structures. We aim at promoting artistic excellence with equal responsibilities, where the artist is requested to perform at the top of his or her abilities in the performances and artistic processes and where the center’s staff offers the same excellence in their tasks and functions.

This work of creation is divided into two main areas: Residencies, with annual public calls for entries, and collaborations with other local, national and international cultural agents. All this makes of el Graner a live creative space, which also offers learning opportunities for the audience about artistic practices and forms. Other of our objectives is to actively promote new support and visibility programs for the creation and promotion of the artistic production by our residents and by the local creative community in general, generating new production support projects and becoming a driving force for the arts.

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Residents Graner, un álbum en Flickr.