El Graner develops artistic cooperation projects with other local, national and international cultural agents. With each one of these agents, such as institutions, festivals or exhibitions, we start a dialogue based on the necessities, priorities and opportunities for collaboration in order to establish agreements or projects that foster creation and research on the movement and body language. Following a philosophy of network and node-oriented work, we want to favor the free circulation of thought with local and international outreach.

Through our collaborations (Dies de Dansa, Festival NEO, Festival Grec, La Caldera, Festival TNT, Fira Tàrrega, Festival Escena Poblenou, Xarxa Transversal, Ca l’Estruch, La Poderosa, Mes de la Danza de Sevilla, British Council…) we increase the amount of residents at el Graner and establish a network of artists and cultural agents that adds value and content to each others’ creative processes.

This mobility and network supports the visibility and promotion of contemporary creation linked to the movement and body language.