Residencies are at the core of the area of work creation and aim at strengthening and hosting proposals linked to movement and other related arts, which enrich the local, national and international creative landscape.

El Graner offers an exclusive cession of the space during the residency for the company or artist and guarantees that there will be no interruptions or schedule interferences, which is one of the main concerns we have noticed in the residents. The company manages their own access to the space and will have a key and the access code. This way, the residents’ stay is completely autonomous and he or she enjoys full access not only to the workspace but also to several common areas and a kitchen.

El Graner’s staff believes in creating residencies that meet each project’s needs. There is not a standard model, el Graner works specifically for each resident, as far as its resources make it possible: El Graner offers technical equipment, a video editing office, production support, project monitoring and interconnection with other cultural agents and dance houses.

El Graner gives visibility to residents’ projects through social networks and its website, where the residents’ experiences are gathered, as well as information on their careers and creative aims. As a complement to this, we offer theoretical content supplementary to our residents’ projects.

Through an agreement, the money gathered by el Graner with the residencies can only be used for the promotion of artistic activities and therefore returns entirely to the dance sector, which benefits from the artistic activities we promote. Never will this money be used for financing infrastructure or staff expenses.

Despite the short time that el Graner has been active, it already has established contacts and collaborations with local spaces and projects. The next step has been on a national level, and finally the third step will be on an international level, establishing relationships with Europe, Latin America and the Mediterranean region.  All these relationships set up an encouraging map of artistic circulation of companies that come in and out of el Graner and of different proposals in a line of network and node-oriented work that el Graner identifies with. This way the residencies favor the free circulation of thought with local and international outreach.

Type of call for entries: open, international
Period: Yearly
Selection: Independent evaluation commission with the participation of el Graner.