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Art & Part is a programme for collective artistic creation in neighbourhoods. It is an initiative of the Barcelona town council, coordinated by the Barcelona Culture Institute and included within the framework of the Barcelona Cultural District programme. In its first stage, Art i part assists five community creations in five districts in Barcelona.

‘Art & Part’ in La Marina

The creation and evolution of La Marina neighbourhood are closely tied to labour. The abandonment of the factories that had traditionally structured the neighbourhood’s social live and identity had symbolic consequences that affected identity of the people, the place of the neighbourhood in the context of Barcelona, and the everyday life of its inhabitants, as La Marina is one of the neighbourhoods with the higher unemployment rate of the city.

Besides, La Marina (or Zona Franca, as the area is generally known) is away from the city and is an area reclaimed to the sea. Those and other elements affect the perception of the neighbourhood by its own inhabitants.

The project, associated to the historical memory, would revolve around the labour issue. Various projects and discussion spaces were organized, which, from citizen initiatives and with a gradual relation to institutional structures, aimed to recover the identity value of the neighbourhood as well as contributing solutions to present situations.

The project aims to add performance elements to such inquiry and has already made forays into artistic languages, as for instance ‘Som la Marina’. Two processes were proposed: Atlas, in which the neighbourhood includes the city in the SÂLMON Festival, in February 2018, and Vida Laboral, which is exclusively associated to the neighbourhood, in July 2018.

Coordinating entity: El Graner, alongside the hub Memoria histórica del Pla de Barris and the entities participating in the project Graner Cultural Hub of the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Collaborators: Memorial Democràtic de la Seat, Arxiu Històric de la Marina, Grup d’Antics Treballadors de la Philips, Pla de Barris, Districte de Sants-Montjuïc, Vulnus, ART-transforma, Fundació Hospital Sant Pere Claver, IES. Montjuïc, Escola Bàrkeno, Mamis de la Marina.


  • ATLAS 

ATLAS is a theatrical performance by Anna Borralha and João Galante that, as its name indicates, represents the city human diversity and creates a landscape reflecting the complexity of the social and urban fabric. The show brings on stage about 100 people from different origins, languages, ages, gender, abilities, professions and job situations. With this piece, they try to create an Atlas of the human social organisation, presenting human beings on the basis of their function in society, vindicating their occupations both individually and collectively. The ideas of Joseph Beuys (‘We are the revolution’ and ‘Everyone is an artist’) were one of the main influences of the project, along with the belief that art must play an active role in society, unifying life and art, a silent revolution.

ATLAS was the first project of ‘Art i part – La Marina’ and was the opening show of the 6th edition of the SÂLMON< Festival, organised by Graner and Mercat de les Flors.

100 participants living in Barcelona, from all professional spheres and origins, were invited to represent the diversity of the city population.

Concept artistic direction: Ana Borralho and João Galante

Lighting Ana Borralho y João Galante

Lighting advising Thomas Walgrave

Sound Coolgate

Collaborators in playwriting: Fernando J. Ribeiro y Rui Catalão

Artistic collaborators and group coordinators: André Uerba, Tiago Gandra, Mickaella Dantas

Production direction: Mónica Samões

Tour production Andrea Sozzi

Executive production: Joana Duarte

Atlas Barcelona Production: Sara Caeiro

Actors: 100 people with different professions

Production: casaBranca

Associate production. Maria Matos Teatro Municipal

Artistic residency: Atelier REAL, Alkantara

With support from: Junta de Freguesia da Estrela

casaBranca is an institution funded by Ministério da Cultura / DG Artes.