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The “ART I PART” program of community artistic creation in the neighborhoods is an initiative of the Barcelona City Council, managed through
of the Institute of Culture, which invites the residents of the city to participate in a community proposal in which they act as creators and creators.


  • ATLAS, a performance by Anna Borralho and João Galante that, as its name implies, aims to represent the human diversity of the city, creating a landscape of the complexity of the society. The show brings together 100 people from different origins, languages, ages, sexes, capacities, professions and professional situations. A silent revolution.

ATLAS was the inaugural show of the 6th edition of the SÃLMON< Festival, organized by Graner and Mercat de les Flors

  • VIDA LABORAL, a workoshop and a performance created after two weeks of collective work at Graner with the creator Claudia Faci and a group of 25 neighbors around the concept of “work life”. “In many cases, the job is not only what gives us food but also determines the identity of the person who exercises it.

With Arlin Sagués, Arnau Balagué, Bárbara de haro, Conchi Mezcua, Cristina Alarcón, Diana Pop, Elena Sánchez de Toledo, Encarna Satorre, Enrique G. Bermejo, Francisco Luque, Georgina Nicolás, Isidre Rosich, Javier Pérez, Joan Ramos, Laura González, Loli Caleya, Maite Garcia, Marc Garrido, Mónica Quesada, Nina Mercè, Noemí Martínez, Rosina Pereta, Sònia Baena, Chelo Castelló, Ventura Lázaro and Isaac Torres, Sara Caeiro, Marcos Stefanelli and Carla Orellana.

With the support of: Barcelona Activa – Treball als barris, Vulnus, PDC La Marina, A partir del Carrer – Centre de Serveis Socials La Marina, Espai Jove La Bàscula, Consulta Jove Sant Pere Claver, IES Montjuic, PIJ Sants-Montjuic and Radio Nikosia.

VIDA LABORAL was presented in the BooMBeta program with the complicity of the Grec Festival of Barcelona.


The Body Breathes is an artistic-social project by Mercedes Boronat, intended for women with limited personal, economic or social resources. The Body Breathes encourages processes of personal transformation, social cohesion and empowerment, improving quality of life, while promoting social integration and personal development.

The Body Breathes is an innovative project that was born in 2015. The first time the project was implemented it was an enriching experience which brought together a group of 23 women of all ages to work with the artist for four months, participating in a workshop and giving a final performance at the El Graner installations.

Launched by Mercedes Boronat, The Body Breathes was produced in Barcelona thanks to support from Obra Social “La Caixa”, El Graner / Mercat de les Flors and with the involvement of various social associations.

El Graner has embraced and supported the project during 2016-18 (3 editions) as part of its line of projects that are founded on using movement to work in the community. The overall results and assessment of the project have been very positive, in both artistic and social terms, in the improvements to quality of life that it has provided for the participants, whose testimonies we have been able to hear firsthand. It is in our interest, as such, to continue supporting this line of work in choreography, to the extent permitted by our resources.

"IMAGINA'T" 2015-18

Imagina’t is a community service aimed at children, adolescents and families and open to the Marina neighourhood to:

– Support children and adolescents
-Support families
-Stable social and cultural activity of neighbors in the neighborhood.

Graner collaborated with Imagina’t with artistic sessions with regular sessions with the creator Bárbara van Hoestenberghe with Imagina’t users.


ARTransforma is a non-profit organisation, created in 2009 by professionals from the cultural, social, arts and education sectors, whose aim is to develop opportunities for participation, education and professionalization in the arts. We work towards making the UN resolution 48/96 a reality: Cultural rights are an unalienable individual right. Equal opportunities in relation to people’s access to culture, works of art, patrimony and artistic practise is an important part of our identity.

Art as a tool for social transformation, and access to art for all, artistic and cultural transformation. We develop artistic and cultural projects specifically for groups with little or no access to quality creative activities, giving art and culture back to (all) people. We develop and collaborate with projects that promote inclusion and social cohesion, working collaboratively with other organisations and professionals.

Through different projects and actions, at ARTransforma we promote art and culture as tools to encourage creativity (on a day-to-day basis), empowerment and transformation, while we investigate, innovate, diversify and enlarge the existing cultural ranking, making new art forms possible and new means for artistic creation and participation

Graner collaborated with ARTRANSFORMA with stable weekly sessions and supported the creative process of the “Integrated and Shared Orchestra” projects and “Art in War” which was publicly presented at the Mercat de les Flors.


From November 9 to December 10, 2017, a series of artistic activities were carried out in the La Marina neighborhood, all of them free of charge and linked to different district agents. Under the initiative of Pla de Barris and the organization of the Democratic Memorial Workers SEAT was created a series of actions that talked with the historical memory of La Marina and related to the factory past of the neighborhood, especially with the history of the workers of the SEAT and model 600 (coinciding with their 60th anniversary).

A book presentation, a narrative-auditory walk, an art itinerary by 600, an ephemeral exhibition and a participative theater creation to rediscover the neighborhood, to make memory and to share culture all together.