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Festes Majors at the neighbourhood (local parties)

The neighborhood of La Marina is composed of 9 neighborhoods, and each of them has a local party. Although it is true that there is a unitary local party in the neighborhood in June, in which the Graner collaborates regularly, throughout the summer each neighborhood has its local party. In joint work and in dialogue with the commissions of the neighborhood’s associations we will work to find an appropriate artistic action with the wishes of the neighborhood to be included in the programming of each of the local parties.


PICNIC ON THE MOON by Alexa Moya and Júlia Godino

Picnic on the Moon is a dance duo created and performed by Alexa Moya and Júlia Godino, a piece awash with subtlety and sensitivity. The two performers enjoy a picnic in the sun, with the gentle breeze ruffling their hair. The surroundings are idyllic, the scenery perfect, the setting ideal. Each object is exactly where it should be. Too beautiful to be real. But what would happen if the sun wasn’t the sun, and the breeze wasn’t the breeze? And if it were just a game of make-believe? And what if we were the puppets of a child playing innocently? What would a picnic on the moon be like?

  • 15th of June at 12h at Sala Pepita Casanellas

Organized by Unió d’Entitats de La Marina in dialogue with Graner and Centre Cívic Casa del Rellotge.



Business World is a duet inspired by silent films, a type of cinematographic work that consists solely of images. This was our starting point for creating a show in which the relationships begin fortuitously before eventually leading to much more direct connections. Movement is explored in an abstract manner, devoid of meaning in a game in which the text, dance and the word create a range of images that remind us of various isolated places, influenced by the approaches taken in silent films and absurd movies.

  • 22nd of June