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VULNUS is an artistic project that, including research, creates an alliance of creators and researchers, intervening and reflecting on Arts Vives and Society. The VULNUS group (citizens interested in collective creation, activists, researchers) is concerned about the diversity, vulnerability and the notion of the common good and questions them, opening up new ways of artistic creation. Shared creation, where experience and research are related to a permanent return, favoring collective, critical, constructive thinking. In the artistic field, VULNUS investigates the creative processes, echoing the difficulties and fragilities of art at the present time, based on the conceptual, methodological and dynamic cracks of art today and now.

Street actions, work of concrete realities, constant reflection, performative action, permeability between reality and fiction, shared writing.

With the support of Graner, Red Sin Gravedad, UOC University, Associations of La Marina.

What forms do you take power and what resistance do you have in a neighborhood? What changes and what transformations are lived on? And what does all this have to do with vulnerability and culture?



Participatory action and open meeting

“The intimate square” is a proposal of Vulnus, live arts and research, which opens up the public space of the neighborhood. In this very special place we will discover human books, biographical pages, chapters of stories and anecdotes, without prejudices or pre-established ideas.

Read with others, read to others, let us read by others … it is to inhabit an intimate place. Behind the walkers who walk without direction through the streets and squares, people exposed to the intemperie of life are hidden by stories to explain.

In parallel to this action, and as an intersection with the work of Vulnus, Nyamnyam proposes to open a conversation collectively by doing a bit, in order to share the stories in common, understanding the various ways of doing, to explain, to live, etc.

We share stories and ways of doing it, based on intimate stories and collective conversations.

July 8 from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at Jardins dels Drets Humans (near to Graner)

Artistic direction: Thomas Louvat.

Assistant: Natalia Carpintero.

Research: Asun Pié and Noemí Durán.

Support: Marta Galán.

Production: Sílvia G.Márquez.

Performers: Joan Masachs, Albert Jiménez, Carlota Gelonch, Yolanda de las Heras, Margarita Brito, Natalia Carpintero, Judit Costa, Juan José Marquina, Alba Díaz, Marta Díaz, Deborah Gold, Anna Pascal, Ainara Díaz, Filipa Teixeira, Laia Barri and Montse Ballart.




Last March the first creation laboratory of Vulnus, opened in the neighborhood, took place. It was presented as follows:

“It will be the word, the image that will accompany us in this first laboratory, those places where you cross inputs, exits and that have the peculiarity of being something that comes partly given and partly built, where the one that has been built and the which has been achieved. During this weekend we will apply devices with improvisations in the streets of the Marina district and in the rooms of the Graner with the live music of Guillem Rizzotto, the movement and the improvisation of the artist associated scenic Mariona Naudin, in the expanded version of the essays on each Tuesday and we will ask:

What is the look of the spectator and the actor? How is the vulnerability present? What is the territory of your own body?

FRIDAY from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
SATURDAY from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM


Opening of “From inhabitants and other blows” by Vulnus (October 2018)

The activity consisted of a representation on the part of the members of “Vulnus” in which they remembered and denounced some changes of the neighborhood over the years as the solidarity that prevailed between the neighbors, the life in shacks, the bombings during the war Civil, the installation of Repsol or the expropriation of land. Facts that the members of the company knew for being a year inquiring about the history of the neighborhood and dealing with their neighbors, according to explains Sílvia García, producer of the project.

The activity lasted two hours, since after the representation, a more active part began. The assistants were placed in groups depending on the color of their adhesive, which they had reached when arriving at the Graner, and proceeded to take a tour of different spaces of La Marina where a small part of the history of the neighborhood was expected.

In a room of the Francesc Candel library, was Tomás Martínez, member of the Seat Democratic Memorial Association, which simulated the meeting that took place between the workers of the automobile company to organize the protests of October 18 of 1971 and later explained the facts happened. Maria Ortega, a member of the Anchor center, sat at a table while a woman represented picking up what she said, explaining, getting to emotion, the creation of the center and the development of the various struggles that led, in a space of the Graner . And finally, in another room of the library, were the neighbors José María Pérez and Josep Maria Torres, poet and painter, who denounced facts of the present, each one through their works.

The activity ended at the Casino Seat, where participants were waiting for a picnic and the members of “Vulnus” read some verses about their observations in relation to the neighborhood.


A work by Vulnus with Nyamnyam (BooMBeta 2017)

A meeting in the Gardens of Human Rights (near to Graner) where after a show, the Nyamnyam platform was commissioned to create a collective action that included cooking dinner. This Dinner-Action started from a question that challenges us in the future, present and past. Before the show ‘Constantino’  we cooked all together the dinner, the neighbors, the artists and the Graner team, while giving the neighbors the opportunity to intervene a small publication about the neighborhood that had been previously created by Vulnus, after a joint work with La Marina.

And you, what do you cultivate?

With this open question and a little unclassified of pleated parameters, the Vulnus group sought out anonymous neighbors who responded in their own voice and shared their stories in a shared dinner after the show. The action was accompanied by a microfanzine that includes current reflections and questions.

To accompany the action, Vulnus collectively carried out a neighborhood workshop with neighbors and a publication about the neighborhood: “Narrative archipelago of La Marina”