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Workshop for young people (16-20 years old)

Mariona Naudin, associated artist at Graner, runs a free workshop for people aged 16 to 20 around the questions: What is a mob? What can a body do and what can many bodies do? What is the revolution of the future?

This is a space of creation where you open your imaginary to stage materialize it, a space where you can experiment as a group contributing ideas and concerns of your own; a place to try things, where error is not the end but the beginning, where the accident is an empowering element. Work will be done on the concerns and needs of the participants through scenic, choreographic practices and literary and audiovisual materials. It will also focus on current issues that challenge us.

The workshop is run by artist Mariona Naudin, a living arts creator and worker trained in physical theater in Spain, Germany, and Argentina. He is currently part of the companies Mos Maiorum (resident of the Teatre Lliure) and Las Detectives and is an associate artist at El Graner. The program also has sessions outside the laboratory space: conferences, shows, creation processes, and more. Some sessions will have the collaboration of other artists or professionals from other fields.

The workshop will be held every Wednesday from 6pm to 9pm from January 29

at Graner (Jane Addams Street, 14) and at Chemical Space (c / de la Química, 2)

*Pic by Marina Colomina