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Open Bazaar #2: Organization Models on the Performing Arts Management - Full video available

*This session took place on Friday, February 7th – 2020 at Mercat de les Flors

The current contemporary production is not defined by homogenic, systemic and easy-copy methodologies anymore.  Quite the opposite, the processes are taking multiple ways, they are developing at different paces and the outgoing results are being displayed in an endless number of formats: from a traditional performance, an spontaneous gesture, a workshop, an object or it might even develop into a process while in the play… New ways of organizing and working are popping up in order to enable these new ways of operating.

Their lack of visibility is delaying the development of professional system support to creative workers, which means and important worsening of their work conditions. We need to add up the lack of management professionals that keep a constant link with the artists and their context, and the difficulties found when trying to tour their work around national or international scene, that leaves our professional sector in a very vulnerable position.

With this event we want to highlight the need to develop new organization models, more sustainable and horizontal ones, as well as ways to collaborate in the performing arts that may show the nature of the artistic community and that enable disengagement from certain old legacy.

In order to think over all these matters and different specific issues we encounter when organizing living arts and contemporary dance projects, we have invited four initiatives that work in different contexts and with different organizational models, and that they address the challenges of the existing performing art creation with management.


ElClimaMola ( – Catalonia

Our commitment is to accompany the current scenic creation, making it easier for artists and cultural entities to successfully carry out their projects and open up to an increasingly wide audience. We offer tailored services for advice, support and production. We also promote our own visibility projects and bridges for creation. In Elclimamola we function as the nucleus of a constellation of cultural professionals – artists, managers, programmers, creators, experts – both national and international.

SelfMistake ( – Portugal

Self-Mistake is a project to support experimentation and innovation in the area of ​​Contemporary Dance through an annual continuity program on different fronts: financial support during the process, presentation and production consulting.

SPIN ( – Belgium

SPIN’s mission is to provide long-term and high-quality structural support for: individual practices (including research, development, production, external collaborations …), as well as collective content practices.

L’Amicale ( – France

Organization led by artists, L’Amicale is a cooperative platform for live performances and installations. Created in 2010 by 3 artists and 2 producers, it is now a cooperative with 12 artists, 4 producers, 1 director, 1 administrator and a good number of artistic collaborators. Our work ranges from international production to the engineering of cooperative economy models, from philosophy, to self-taught specialization in orchid cultivation.


Activity framed within the mediation program and professional activities of the 8th SÂLMON < and coordinated by Aguablanda in dialgoue with Elclimamola. Organized by Graner.