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Call Me, a research by Lucía Di Pietro at La Marina neighbourhood

CALL ME, a research on temporary vanishment is a performance and social research project that  moves across the neighbourhood and takes place exclusively by appointment. Right now it is being developping in the neighbourhood, in september we will refresh the news!

Actualment està activant-se al barri i al setembre us en donarem més detalls!

It all starts with a phone call:

  • Call the number available on the posters thought the neighborhood and listen to the proposal.
  • Follow the instructions and you will find someone waiting for you, sitting at a the table of a crowded café or on a bench in the main square.
  • Trying not to catch attentions, you must sit and listen carefully.
  • Let yourself be carried away from your life for a while.

Call me investigates the possibility of leaving the audience alone and designing its temporary volunteer disappearance.

July – October 2020 at La Marina neighbordhood.

Lucia Di Pietro is a choreographer and performance artist. Her choreographic practice is based on dancing, singing, writing and playing with rhythm and humor. Often she employes the rules and the structures of the games to grant the access of her artistic discourse to the largest audience possible. She likes to be popular. Her works explore the ambiguity of perception between reality and fiction, designing surreal worlds for the audience to jump in and generating alternative ways of seeing and living in other spaces and times.

Lucia has been creating performative works and presenting them in theaters and museums since 2011, among others: Grandi successi (2018, LaMama Gallery in New York), Call me, a research on temporary vanishment (2015-2020, Farm Cultural Park in Agrigento, Italy), The voice of dogs (2016-2019, Museo Riso, Palermo, Italy).

Right now, she is interested in the idea of ​​disappearance and she collaborates on a daily basis with Marta Solinas, a detective and utopist.