Alessandro Sciarroni

GOALBALL_Scoring Practices Outcome Riots Tendencies is a performative and choreographic practice on the passing of time borne out of a reflection on sporting disciplines in general and, in particular, on the game of Goalball. This work represents the third stage of a larger project, titled “Will you still love me tomorrow?” a trilogy by Alessandro Sciarroni dedicated to the concept of performative practice. During the first stage (FOLK-S, 2012) a group of dancers and contemporary actors learned a rule that it is not part of their training: the Schuhplattler, the complicated and fascinating folk dance from Tyrol and Bavaria.

In the second chapter, UNTITLED_ (2013), the practice taken into consideration is the ability of handling objects with dexterity and 4 professional jugglers carry it out. GOALBALL, the third movement to be created in October 2015, takes its name from a sporting discipline practiced by the visually impaired and partially sighted. The challenge of this research is how to transform a match of this Paralympic discipline in a system of signs capable of generating a dramaturgy. In this way, taking a direct and absolutely radical direction, GOALBALL, reconnects to the two previous chapters of the trilogy, as an event without eyes, created following the rhythm that reveals the real nature and significance of sport, where time does not coincide ever with duration, but it contracts and expands in relation to the sensorial subjective perception of the performer and the audience.


Alessandro Sciarroni plans to articulate his research in stages, through residency periods of 10 – 15 days each in three different European cities: Barcelona, Paris and Bassano del Grappa. These research residencies will be used by the artist to get in touch with the athletes play Goalball, to talk and to interview them, to have the opportunity to see in person the training sessions and the practice of Goalball – finally, to start considering potential interpreters of the final production.
During each residency, a video maker and an assistant dancer will join the artist. The video maker’s role will be to document the highlights of the research as it develops in each residency, while the choreographer together with his assistant, aside from visiting the spaces where the athletes perform their everyday activity, will organize a workshop of contemporary dance (in Barcelona, at Graner) open to the athletes and to all blind people who are willing to challenge themselves with the languages that make up the performing arts. The starting point of the research will be the Goalball – its practice and its internal movements – together with the condition of the athletes who are blind. The workshop will focus on the basic elements of the practice of performing arts (contemporary dance, theatre). By transmitting the basic techniques of the actor’s work, the pedagogical system of the workshop will conduct the participant/actor in a creative journey that will have as its objective the development of a physical awareness and of an understanding of the importance of working together as a group. Starting by learning how to achieve that condition of the performer known as zero degree (i.e. the posture of a body standing and breathing), the student will be guided along a path of physical awareness created by executing movement sequences inspired by the creativity of the participants/athletes. The workshop will be held in the premises of Graner: an environment conceived and lived as an interlocutor/creator of meaning that with its architectural opportunities and its structured spaces, urges the participants to experience creativity, discovery and research.


Research Laboratory NU2′S – “Capturing dance”

Research Laboratory NU2′S – “Capturing dance” from 18th to 31st December.

NU2’S in collaboration with L’animal a l’esquena (Celrà,Girona) and Graner/Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona), organizes its 9th annual  research laboratory.

This year the subject of the LAB will be “Capturing Dance” or how to adapt dance from the stage to the screen, how to capture and re-write choreographic works originally made for theater. Up to now NU2’S has worked mainly on Dance video projects which were originally created for the camera. This year we propose a step further, a time to think and share experiences, to practice different ways to adapt a dance piece already existing for the stage, to find a new interesting visual perspective for the screen while respecting the original work.

We have selected a few fragments from four new choreographic pieces that have been recently premiered, and we have invited their choreographers to think and practice with experienced audiovisual directors.

The LAB will be developed in two phases, the first one at L’animal a l’esquena (Celrà, Girona) from the 18th to the 21st of December, and the second one, at Graner (Barcelona) from the 27th to 31st of December 2013.

The directors that will be at the Laboratory are Francesc Sitges-Sardà, Elisabeth Prandi, Albert Vidal and Núria Font, with the choreographers Claudi Bombardó, Roberto Olivan, Àngels Margarit, María Muñoz and Pep Ramis. The four choreographies/fragments will be: “CAPRICIS” by Àngels Margarit/Mudances; ‘A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS’ by Enclave/Roberto Olivan; “IN A CHANGING LANSCAPE” by Claudi Bombardo and “L’ESPERANÇA DE VIDA D’UNA LLEBRE” by Mal Pelo.

More info:

If you are interested, please, contact Núria Font, director of the LAB, at, she will explain in detail the conditions to participate.