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Audience in residence

Audience in residence is a study community, a band of restless spectators and a forum for dialogues that promotes research and learning spaces based on the Graner’s artistic residency program. Through stage presentations, meetings with artists, readings, debates, shared practices and projections, we propose a space of experimentation that plays with the playful, epistemic and subversive potential of the spectators to appropriate the artistic subjects and reconfigure imaginary.

The question that opens this space can be: What do we do with the images we see? Where do they take us? Where do we take them? How can we use them to affirm a collective territory?

A space where to share an active and reflective condition with the artists, approaching their creation processes, provoking learning and developing the contents of our experiences from a collective investigation on the poetics of the audience.

If the gaze is an organ that scales between passion and action, a kind of seismograph that maps the relationship between seeing, feeling, saying and thinking. What relationships can we explore? What are the poetics and policies that make us spectators? What devices are involved in our ways of seeing and interpreting artistic works? How to modify them to free the imagination of the circuits of consumption and entertainment? How to transform the image into a collective territory where to affirm future modalities of experience?

Audience in residence is a program conducted by artefactum, a collective formed by Esther Blázquez and David Pérez that moves between live arts, education and critical thinking. His proposals explore the ability of the arts to develop devices, devices and situations that interrogate the present, opening areas of invention and collective learning processes.

The program is aimed at any viewer who wants to approach artistic processes from an active and reflective perspective. It will take place between January and June, and is articulated around two meeting spaces: In the hall with … and The circle of spectators. In the room with … are a series of periodic meetings with the resident artists of the Graner where they approach their processes and work methodologies through presentations work in progress. The circle of the spectators is a space of experimentation on the gaze and the condition of the spectator. A place to explore the bodily dispositions that guide the ways of seeing, feeling and relating to the images that cross us.

From January to June in Graner and other venues.

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