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Educational Programme 'Caixa d'Eines' 2019-20

‘Caixa d’Eines’ (Box of Tools) is the educational programme of Graner within the framework of the Pla de Barris de La Marina. With ‘Caixa d’Eines’ we aim to weave long-term collaborations, flexible and without hierarchy, to generate an educational community in a broad sense: with teachers, students, families, neighborhood and creators linked to Graner.

We work to promote and encourage new forms of relationship, expression, communication and learning in different educational stages, providing specific training contents and always from the point of view of body language, movement and dance. We propose an education on living practices, open, unpredictable and under construction. With spaces and time to decide where we pay attention. From mutual support and trust, sharing challenges, concerns and complicities.

The ‘Caixa d’Eines’ program (2019-20) is mediated by Arte Factum and is entitled ‘Contact Zones’:

CONTACT ZONES, mediation by Art Factum

We would like to resume the image of Vera Frenkel’s string games * to propose mediation as a place where we can collectively entertain the languages ​​of art and education. Between play, listening and provocation, this image offers an unexpected choreography of movements, positions, maneuvers and visions that are tense, intertwined and composed in a shared exercise. With this choreographic metaphor, we would like to invite you to enter a zone of contact and resonance where the artistic and pedagogical practices merge to create another place that we can hardly imagine.

Based on the symmetry between the stage and the educational, our line of work proposes a permanent dialogue between body, presence, thought and boundaries, fostering contact areas that lead to transversal learning and spaces to try new forms of do in the classroom. Based on observation, listening and attention, we propose a work on the gaze that mobilizes places, positions and roles between who observes and who acts, who teaches and who learns, who moves and who rests. , who knows and who does not know, who takes the floor and who is silent so we can hear their accents.

* String games are derived from string figures or cat’s cradle: one of the oldest games in history, which consists of the composition of string figures passing a strand of thread between the hands of two or more players.

Arte Factum CV

Arte Factum is a collective formed by Esther Blázquez and David Pérez, who transitions between live arts, education and critical thinking. His proposals explore the ability of the arts to develop artifacts, devices and situations that interrogate the present – cultural, social, educational -, opening up areas of invention and fostering multiple, situational and transversal learning processes.



  • We prepare the workshop with each teaching team with the Big Bouncers group: we will share strategies to stimulate children’s free expression through movement, rhythm, play with materials and the discovery of space
  • Workshop in the classroom ‘Unfolding the jungle’ with the Big Bouncers collective: artistic experience in the classroom where we will offer children a proposal for a rich movement that evades the standards of conventional dance, broadening their perception of themselves.
  • Family Workshop ‘Together in the Jungle’ with the Big Bouncers: We invite families to share a quality space-time out of their daily routines, to move together discovering the language of an adult’s body and of the child.

And also: we collaborate with the project COS I MOVIMENT 0-3


  • Workshop in the classroom with the Iniciativa Sexual Femenina collective: What about emotions in the classroom? In this workshop we will talk about making yourself a safe place for violent physical condition, to sing anger, to sing shame, to sing fear, to sing everything.
  • Staff sessions with the Arte Factum collective: taking the score as a system of transversal writing in all the arts, we will practice body translation exercises as tools for classroom work.
  • School show ‘Box to save the void’, by Fernanda Fragateiro and Aldara Bizzaro (Mercat de les Flors): activated by the bodies of two dancers, this box opens, folds, expands, and reveals that our body is also a place to explore.


  • Experimental space ‘What is happening?’ by Arte Factum collective: we will create learning situations based on everyday life and its accidents, working with the unexpected, with the event and from a collective thought. collectively.
  • Workshop in the classroom ‘Lenguas libre’ by Alba Rihe and Laila Tafur: we will hack the language by sneaking into the texts, embodying the words, chewing them by dislocating their meaning or celebrating their loudness.
  • Staff sessions by Arte Factum collective: taking the score as a system of transversal writing in all the arts, we will practice body translation exercises as tools for classroom work.

And also: we participate in the program IN RESIDENCE


Meetings with teaching teams and artists:

  • Presentation of educational program on October 21 from 17:30 to 19:30.
  • Methodological tools and body practice session on March 28 from 10:30 to 13:30
  • Closing of the program on June 8 from 17:30 to 19:30

And to continue sharing …

‘Fora de classe’: summer workshop on body pedagogies and practices, aimed at primary, secondary and high school teachers in La Marina district and open to the city (dates to be specified).