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Scenes of the lockdown - Audience in residence

Despite the COVID-19 crisis, we continued with the program “Audience in residence” with  the project “Scenes of the lockdown”

Scenes of the lockdown is an audiovisual correspondence that invites you to share scenes from the most unusual aspects of the lockdown. That is why the project proposes, starting from the observation of own life, to look like a flâneur – who is, after all, a theater spectator of the world – those images that challenge, move and invite us to think and elaborate “what (is) happening to us.

Audience in residence is a study community, a band of restless spectators and a forum for dialogues that promotes research and learning spaces based on the Graner’s artistic residency program. Through stage presentations, meetings with artists, readings, debates, shared practices and projections, we propose a space of experimentation that plays with the playful, epistemic and subversive potential of the spectators to appropriate the artistic subjects and reconfigure imaginary. A program by artefactum, a collective formed by Esther Blázquez and David Pérez that moves between live arts, education and critical thinking. His proposals explore the ability of the arts to develop devices, devices and situations that interrogate the present, opening areas of invention and collective learning processes.

With ArteFactum and Rosalía Zanon, Julia Coma, Laura Cuenca, Sara Caeiro, Esther Blázquez, Gloria Silva and Pepo Simorra.

More info about Audience in residence HERE