The following commission met for the selection of the FID 2015 proposals:

  • Maria José Cifuentes (international programmer – Nave //Chile)
  • Harri Kuorelathi (international programmer – Zodiac // Finland)
  • Oscar Dasi (artist)
  • Marc Olivé (local programmer – Mercat de les Flors)
  • Jaime Conde Salazar (theorist)

34 proposals were submitted but only 29 were evaluated; as 5 proposals were excluded (Sebastián García-Ferro, Bea Fernández, Ernesto Collado, Societat Doctor Alonso y Jordi Cortés), because they did not meet the requirements set out in the call, as they had been also submitted to IPAM. After the selection committee’s evaluation, the selected proposals are the following

1.- Jorge Dutor and Guillem Mont de Palol

2.- Poderío Vital

3.- Aimar Pérez Galí

4.- Cris Blanco

5.- Carme Torrent

6.- Diana Gadish

7.- María García Vera and Juan Pablo Miranda

8.- Pere Faura

We attach below the documents that the commission elaborated about the meeting and the selection process:





Selection commission: it is formed by 5 persons (2 international programmers, 1 national programmer, 1 theoric, 1 artist). Besides selecting the 8 proposals, this commission will follow up on them until after the celebration of FID. There are three key moments in the process:
1. Selection of the artists (July)
2. During FID (from 6th to 8th December)
3. Post-FID evaluation (from 9th to 10th December)

- Maria José Cifuentes (international programmer – Nave //Chile)
- Harri Kuorelathi (international programmer – Zodiac // Finland)
- Oscar Dasi (artist)
- Marc Olive (national programmer – Mercat de les Flors // Barcelona)
- Jaime Conde Salazar (theoric






FID is a meeting for the internationalization of Catalan dance. This year it reaches its third edition. It will be held from 6th to 8th December. After a number of collaborative open meetings, the objectives and functioning of FID 2015 have been established.[1]

In previous FID editions (and also within the International Performing Arts Meeting), designed and organised by the sector (represented by both professional associations and independent agents), reference institutions and public administration, different functioning logics and methodologies were used. FID hosted national and international exhibition formats, as well as meeting formats that aimed at fostering network structures.

After some meetings and as a response to the local context and the demands and dynamics from the own sector, 2015 edition will focus on the role of the artist and will try to visualize the creator by giving him/her and his/her action capacity an appropriate context.

Not less than 7 and no more than 8 artists (or artistic collectives) will be selected to take part in FID 2015. Each selected artists will be responsible, alongside with FID work commission, for the design and exhibition of his/her creative universe, as well as for the dialogue with the other selected artists and for the connection of his/her project to the local artistic reality (by creating synergies with the local fabric through the organisation of open socialization spaces).

[1] The work documents of these meetings can be consulted at:

Thus, FID 2015 is not about creating or producing new work, but a meeting point for professionals with the objective of delving into and internationally spreading the work and artistic universe of the 7/8 selected artists.

It is from these objectives that the present call has been designed. 

Project submission period: from 27th April to 24th May 2015



FID 2015

On March 12th, an open meeting of the dance industry was held at Graner. Its goal was to devise the third edition of FID (Finestra d’Internacionalització de la Dansa – Dance Internationalization Window). 25 representatives from the industry attended the work session.

All information about the first session (12/03/2015)  is in the following link: FID_1

All information about the second session (26/03/2015) is in the following link: FID_2eng

All information about the third session (16/04/2015) is in the following link: FID_3_eng

All information about the fourth session (07/05/2015) is in the following link: FID_4_eng

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