For the second year running, El Graner-Mercat de les Flors and the Temporada Alta Festival continue to work together and expand their collaboration with #FF80.

The #FF80 project centres on contemporary creation and artistic mobility and features different initiatives for debating, analysing and finding connection points and future ways of working that promote creativity.

A forty-eight hour meeting in a Catalan farmhouse with creators that are participating in the project will kick-start a discussion on ways of building production links, together, to enable future processes of creation. This year, as a result of the ongoing work of different platforms and independent cultural event booking agents, the geographical working focus is Latin America, an area replete with cultural offer and cultural event booking agents who want to establish common working connection points. We will discuss how to make contact with Latin America and how new forms of thinking, processes and methodologies can be created, from dance to new performing arts.

#FF80 has invited a few, select international booking event agents interested in offering mid-term follow-up and support to some of the future projects by creators taking part in #FF80 (in collaboration with the Ramon Llull Institute). The second #FF80 features event booking agents, cultural agents and academics on behalf of festivals or organisations in Mexico, Chile and Uruguay.

Lastly, and as part of the contemporary creation week programme, five projects will be presented at Temporada Alta by creators involved in the #FF80 project from, 21 to 24 November: Marcos Morau + Lali Ayguadé / El Conde de Torrefiel / Guido Sarli / Roser López Espinosa and Pere Faura (work in progress for a new production sponsored by the Fundació Catalunya – La Pedrera).

The goal of these initiatives is to enable the debate and analysis of the current contemporary performing arts milieu and, in particular, the area of dance. This in turn will highlight new working methods and dynamics that will boost long term artistic movement and creative processes.

More info here: FF80_english

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El Graner at the 3rd Latin American Dance Managers Meeting RSD

El Graner has taken part in the 3rd Latin American Dance Managers Meeting RSD (Red Sudamericana de Danza), which has taken place June 20– 29 in Morelia and Mexico City in Mexico with the participation of several Latin American cultural agents and managers, as well as some relevant cultural networks from other continents.

The main work areas of the meeting have been:

-       Training in key subjects of dance cultural management.

-       Participating in labs for culture networks, technologies and communication.

-       Interchanging experiences with Latin American managers and sharing ideas regarding different actions.

-       Strengthening the collaboration processes between the participating institutions and organizations.

-       Identifying the cultural policies of each country in order to build up together a political agenda that influences the development of dance throughout the continent.