IPAM_Dance is a platform for joint productions and exhibitions aimed at artists who have projects to produce in the next two seasons. It is also aimed at Catalan, Spanish and international producers. IPAM_Dance expects to build a context of trust that allows international co-production and favours dialogue and knowledge exchange. IPAM_Dance 2014 will take place in Barcelona for two and a half days (8th-10th July) and will attract independent curators, artists, distributors and directors of arts and creation centres and festivals



IPAM 2014 – Second edition

La nova edició de l'IPAM posarà el focus en la cerca de coproductors

The second edition of the Dance Internationalisation Showcase (Finestra d’Internacionalització de la Dansa) will take place on 9th and 10th July. That time, the event won’t be just about exhibiting Catalan projects. Instead, it will concentrate on both favouring networking in order to motivate future joint productions and on improving diffusion strategies for local dance projects for the next year.

The new work proposal aims to reinforce the relation between the artist and the agents that nowadays produce dance performances in Catalonia (basically, performing arts festivals). It will be accompanied by a showcase of companies from Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and Mexico. There will also be a parallel programme which will aim to exhibit the artistic universe of Barcelona. That programme will be based on a series of itineraries that have to be built. To sum up, it will be a new device to help present the artists not only from the point of view of production, but also as driving forces in the territory.