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Map of Residencies 2019

Graner is a Creation Centre for Dance and Live Art. A space for exploration, creation and artistic production, flexible and in constant movement, capable of adapting to the artists’ needs and their processes. We value time, long-term relationships and trust, because only when we know each other profoundly can we accompany each other. From this state of encounter and with a will to facilitate, we discuss with creators and local communities, developing educational and community projects that link different intermediaries, teachers, children and neighbours, reclaiming art as a tool for social transformation.

Creative support programs with open call:

Associated artists:  Two local artists chosen to develop a research/creative project for two years with provision of spaces, integral accompaniment and economic support. The associated artists speak with the neighbourhood through their practice and form part of the government bodies of the centre.

Resident artists: Between three and five companies, from a national and international scope, that develop production or research projects. They are provided with spaces, technical residence and accompaniment.

Emerging artists: Two young artists from the local area, selected in collaboration with La Caldera. They have a work space, technical residence, mentoring, access to an international network, training resources and economic fund.

Other creative support programs:

In addition to the open calls we have creative support lines based on residences and linked to the Mercat de les Flors, to the SÂLMON Festival, in collaborations with other structures and spaces and to the Breeding ground program.