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'A Nation is Born in Me' at the Antic Teatre

After accompany Soren as a resident in Graner, and after his premier at the TNT Festival, we can see the latest show by Soren Evinson at the Antic Teatre: 22/25 November at 8 pm

>> 29/30 Novembrer also at 8pm and in English.

“In the light of a resurfacing and progressive strengthening of Nationalist and Identitarian movements throughout Europe in the 21st Century, A Nation Is Born In Me extracts dynamics that operate in such movements and blends them together with identity politics, media culture and sport culture, provoking an uncanny closeness between these apparently contrary aesthetics. Through the different presentations of the body that are produced in these encounters, A Nation Is Born In Me works as a formal investigation of these apparently disconnected mass culture dynamics.”

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