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We participate in the 'Cabaret of curiosities' at Le phénix

On Friday 1st of March we will be part of the round table ‘Imagine the creation of tomorrow – meetings’ with Carena Schlewitt, Hermann Lugan, Anna Popa, An-Marie Lambrechts, Martin Faucher and Chiara Organtini in the Cabaret of curiosities at Le Phénix – Scene National de Valenciennes.

“Like a cabinet of curiosities, the festival shows every year a decided taste for variety, novelty and current events. This year, we’re turning to the question of our future. We’re living a time called Anthropocene where man seems paradoxically to control everything while totally losing control. What world will we be leaving to our children ? Has man’s impact on his environment spiraled out of control ? What are the limits to growth ? Will tomorrow’s researchers discover more plastic than organic matter ? Last but no least : what can art do against destruction ?”

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