PEA, the practical pilot project, was born with the main aim of developing organizational models and collaboration methods that are effective and respectful towards the artistic creation. The Project is based on 4 individual plans of artistic expansion (PIEA) so that 4 selected artists, collectives or groups resident in Spain and with an already established trajectory and a circulation of relevant and corroborated pieces, would take part in a program of transdisciplinary investigation.

PEA offers counseling and a joint picture of actions focused on the search for and the creation of a fair relationship among cultural agents, both on national and international levels, and also oriented towards newmanagement. This project lasts two years and requires a commitment based on: participation to sessions of investigation, socialization, training, development of personal projects, contents and methodologies.

Mercat de les Flors-Graner, with the support of Fundació Banc Sabadell and the collaboration of Barcelona City hall, the Ministry of Culture, and Generalitat de Catalunya make this pilot program possible with the willingness to prepare the artists, consolidate their work, get the necessary tools to make that happen and support the economic development of culture, which they believe is based on these 7 pillars: innovation, investigation, experimentation, conceptual and formal rigor, sharing and organizational emancipation.