Context of meeting with the annual residents by open call. As a result of the feedback we received in the artistic commission of December 2020, with the participation of 2020 residents by open call, and as part of the actions to open the governance of the center, we create a meeting context with the the artists who are part of the annual open call.

48 HOURS TOGETHER is a meeting with the annual residents by open call. A meeting at Graner where the artists by open all share different activities to have a more global knowledge of the center, about the creation support program and about their artistic projects.. We walk the neighborhood with some neighbors, we share the projects with the whole group and the global project of the 2021 center is shared in order to contribute a return and own contributions.

March 2021 edition participants: Lara Brown, Cris Blanco, Julián Pacomio, Anto Rodríguez, Xavier Manubens, Before Collado, Fernando Gandasegui, Raquel Klein, Leticia Skrycky and Núria Guiu (artist associated at Graner 2020-21).