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Premiere of 'Amaro' by Raquel Gualtero

Raquel Gualtero has been in residence of creation at Graner with their investigation Amaro. Amaro opens March 29 and 30 at Sala Hiroshima / Quinzena Metropolitana.

Amaro is an investigation that wants to prove the falseness of appearances. The show tells us that nothing is what it seems, everything changes and, therefore, everything is in continuous transformation.  This is where movement and life actually lie. To give shape to her choreographic research, Raquel Gualtero has surrounded herself with artists such as Sonia Gómez, Rodrigo Rammsy, Amaranta Velarde, Pere Jou and Txiqui Berraondo.

Raquel Gualtero Soriano has worked as a dancer with Àlex Rigola, Sonia Gómez, Pere Faura, Romeo Castellucci, the Scottish Dance Theater, Fabulous Beast, Àngels Margarit and Lipi Hernández, among other companies and professionals. As an author, she debuted in 2005 with Blanco, which was included in the renowned ITs Festival Amsterdam. Her dance work Persona won the Injuve 2011 award for young creation and Brut, Nuà and Amaro complete her track record as a choreographer

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Authorship, direction and interpretation: Raquel Gualtero
Dramaturgy: Sònia Gómez
Text accompaniment: Txiki Berraondo
Authorship, musical direction and sound design: Rodrigo Rammsy
Musical interpretation: Rodrigo Rammsy
Lighting design: Arnau Sala
Sound and movement accompaniment: Amaranta Velarde and Telemann Rec.
With the collaboration of: Hiroshima,Teatros del Canal, RocaUmbert Fàbrica de les Arts, Centro Cívico de la Barceloneta, SAT! Sant Andreu Teatre and El Graner
Coproduction: dansa. Quinzena metropolitana
Photography:Alice Brazzit