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Sonia Sánchez

With Mercat de les Flors, Collaborations, 2012, 2014

Following academic training in the art of flamenco, in 2000 Sònia Sánchez discovered the world of butoh dance and body weather and she continues to pursue her research on flamenco as a body language in all its essence. Flamenco dance and butoh are fundamental techniques for the exploration of improvisation, rhythms, qualities, the tones of the muscles and movement, in the quest for a free spontaneous body, without aesthetic ties or mental structures. During the last few years she has staged pieces such as Retales (2007), Rincones y claros de bosques (2008), 23 de mayo (2009), El Pliegue (2012) and Temple (2013).

  • 2012 · collaboration Festival Sâlmon< · El pliegue
  • 2014 · with Mercat de les Flors · Le ça