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La Licuadora

Collaborations, 2017

La Licuadora  is a creation project, interested in the crossing of contemporary dance with other disciplines. The articulation starts from the invitation of its creator; Rodrigo Chaverini, to artists of diverse fields in order to develop creative laboratories, including several forms of presenting its work. The created pieces have been performed in local and international festivals and events. Its last work; “Lúcidos” was developed in an artistic residency thanks to the Support for Creation program of FiraTàrrega in co-production with the Center of Creation Graner and in collaboration with the International Department of CNCA (Barcelona and Tàrrega, Spain 2017).

Roberto Chaverini is aontemporary dance artist, with a degree in Graphic Design (U. of Chile, 2004) and Dance Pedagogy (U. ARCIS, 2008). He has developed his work intertwining movement research, performance and across disciplines, appealing to the senses and perception. Workingas a choreographer, teacher and performer; Chaverini directs La Licuadora where invites artists from different disciplines to partipate in creative laboratories. As a teacher, he has taught regular classes at U. of Chile, UDLA, U. ARCIS and EM of Music and Dance. He has directed workshops and master classes in Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica and Chile. Currently, he is collaborating in a transdisciplinary piece called “Ruido” (Fondart 2017).

  • 2017 · collaboration FiraTàrrega · Lúcidos