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Enric Montefusco

Collaborations, 2016

Tata Mala, Montefusco’s first unambiguously theatrical project, turns a moving text by a young playwright, Diana Bandini, into an original, cathartic collective experience. A raw, emotive family drama, the piece is also full of humour and optimism. All this, accompanied by music with a traditional air that fuses two worlds, the narrative and the symbolic. And it is precisely through this allegorical language that we see how tradition can reveal and heal our wounds, illnesses that generally infect us during childhood but are open to a social and political interpretation.

The impressive human pyramids that Els Falcons de Barcelona construct, aided and encouraged by families, a group of well-known musicians from different musical traditions, loscorderos·sc (one of the most innovative theatre and dance companies around) and the dancer, choreographer and performer Sonia Gómez, place their collective talent at the service of an emotive show, suitable for all audiences, that explores new ways of telling a story.

  • 2016 · collaboration Festival Grec · Tata Mala