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Alberto Cortés

Open call, 2020

I am Alberto Cortés (I am not the singer, the singer has already died). I started my training as a director and playwright in Málaga. I am on the scene because I detest it and in that war I find my place. In 2009 I started my way in live arts from the direction and the bastard dramaturgy and it has been transformed over the years into a long process of going wild in the Andalusian periphery. I still hold my desire to continue because I have hope in the unnameable, the intangible and the human. Today I develop my identity as creator, director, playwright, companion, performer, teacher, son, uncle, lover, friend.

  • 2020 · open call · El Ardor


‘El Ardor’ is an individual discourse supported by many shadows. An apparent speech of seduction that pursues the destruction of the welfare society by embracing the wild, the destruction, the fou love, the desire when it is inappropriate. In ‘El Ardor’ I proclaim myself a vampire, The Other, and I surround myself with an army of teenagers and old women; main carriers of the force of ardor, which is carnal but ethereal, that puts itself in crisis as desire. There is some incendiary in the speech and some poetic influenced by Hakim Bey’s post-anarchist theories, Russian cosmists and their theories on immortality, William Burroughs wild and terrorist boys and queer identity. So much paraphernalia to wish to confess in public as your opposite: mom, dad, I’m going to join the wild boys, when you read this note I will be far away.

The eyes that see me will not see me / when you look at me you will no longer be / as the cloud passes and dissipates / he who goes down to the Abyss no longer rises / does not return to his house / his abode does not recognize him. (Book of Job, Cap. 7, verse 8)

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