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Andrés Corchero

Open call, 2015

Interested in body and dance research,  in 1986 he travelled to Japan to know thoroughly the dance “Butoh”, contemporary Japanese dance. There, during the first two years of stay, he studied and worked together with Min Tanaka and Kazuo Ohno. Until 1996 he formed a part of “Maijuku”, dance company directed by Min Tanaka. From his return to Barcelona in 1988 until 1996, he combined his individual career with the work with Min Tanaka with whom he acted all over the world.

In 1992 he started working together with the dancer and choreographer Rosa Muñoz, with whom he created the Raravis company in 1993. From the year 2003 to 2008, Raravis it was a dance company resident in L’Estruch (Sabadell), where they developed the whole activity of production of regular training, and dissemination of dance. He gives continued training of Body Wath (rigorous work system created by Min Tanaka) regularly. Apart from his facet of choreographer and dancer, Andrés Corchero has been a lighting designer for many dance and theatre companies and for his own shows.

  • 2015 · open call · Lleno eres de gracia