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Crida Company

Open call, 2013

Cridacompany is a franco-catalan company settled in Toulouse – France, born in 2006 after two artists, Jur Domingo Escofet and Julien Vittecoq, met at the Lido (the centre for circus art in Toulouse). Together, they offer powerful and strange performances, where virtuosity is closed to the invention of a new language between circus, dance and song. Using body as essential material, they work on hitch and distortion. From this emerge characters and situations imbued with a puzzling humor. They make light of the body and its possibilities. In a bare style, they enjoy themselves casting an original glance over situations.

Cridacompany is producer of their shows, exhibitions and concerts, in France, in Spain, and over the world. Cridacompany is associated to CIRCa, national center for circus arts. Since 2014, Cridacompany is also supported by the Conseil Régional Midi-Pyrénées and by the French Ministery of Culture (DRAC Midi-Pyrénées).

  • 2013 · open call · Mañna es mañana