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Emmanuel Grivet

Open call, 2012

Choreographer, dancer and pedagogue, emmanuel Grivet has created since 1993 around thirty pieces and performances for his group or for other companies, while dancing in his projects and teaching regularly.

Engaged in a fundamental research on the body and the human motion, his choreographic work questions the physicality and poetry of movement, the relationships between human beings and the conditions of the performance.

His way for choreographic composition mixes set materials and open structures and so makes him to develop his pieces in close collaboration with the dancers. This artistic path is deeply fed by a specific research on improvised choreography and instantaneous compositions that became the common language of the performers of his projects and led him to build efficient tools for transmission and training in dance.

Invited by universities, schools and festivals he regularly gives classes and workshops for professional dancers.

  • 2012 · open call· creació