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Habemus Corpus

Collaborations, 2017

Born in Arenys de Mar, Barcelona, after studing in Institut del Teatre, Rudra Béjart Lausanne and IT  Dansa, Miquel dances en several companies like Béjart Ballet Lausanne (Switzerland), Dominic Walsh Dance Theater (USA), Lanònima Imperial (BCN) or Tanzcompangnie Oldenburg (Germany). Since 2010, as head director of Habemus Corpus, directs pieces in other theaters and companys like Stadttheater Klagenfurt (Austria), Staatstheater Oldenburg o Miami City Ballet (USA) and he is invited in different festivals like Intenationale Tanz-Theater Hannover 2014, Tanzzentrale de Region Nürnberg or Jerusalem Dance Week 2014, being awarded in Certamen de Sadabell 2014 or Solo-Tanz-Theater Stuttgart 2015. As a composer he creates several original soundtracks for films, theater plays and dance pieces for other companies like Staatstheater Mainz and Theater Basel among others.

2017 · collaboration Festival Grec · Aire