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Hooman Sharifi

Collaborations, 2012

Founder, choreographer and Artistic Director of Impure Company, Hooman Sharifi, is born in Teheran in 1973, and came to Norway at the age of 14. His background ranges from hip-hop and and street dance to a bachelor from the choreographer-education at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Since the start of this own dance company Impure Company in 2000, he has made close to 30 dance performances. He has created two productions for Carte Blanche, first Shadows remain silent in 2014 and recently While the are Flopating, that premiered under the Bergen International Festival in May 2017. Sharifi is known for saying that art = politics, and his movement language are usually physically challenging and powerful and in the borderline between theater, dance and visual arts. His works typically explores feelings and structures hidden behind hierarchy, violence, power and abuse.

  • 2012 · collaboration Modul-dance · Then love was found and set the world on fire