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Irene Rusolillo

Collaborations, 2014

Dancer, performer-actress and young choreographer born in 1982. She is author of the solos Ebollizione (finalist GD’A Puglia 2012 competition for Young choreographers), Strascichi (winner Premio Outlet 2014 and selected by “Visionari” Kilowatt Festival 2014) and A loan, co-produced by festivals Inequilibrio/Castiglioncello and Oriente Occidente/Rovereto. In 2013 and 2014 her works are supported by Anticorpi Network XL. As a choreographer, she is part of ALDES.

In 2014 she has been awarded the Best Performer Prize Equilibrio Roma 2014 and Best Performer Prize in 19Masdanza International Contemporary Dance Festival of Canary Islands. She is also finalist at Premio Virginia Reiter. In 2015 she has been awarded with Davide Calvaresi Premio Prospettiva Danza in Padua, due to their first joint-project Map.

Since 2007 she has worked as dancer with Micha Van Hoecke, Roberto Castello, Mario Piazza, Daniela Capacci, Harry Albert, Claudio Bernardo, Francesca La Cava, Abbondanza – Bertoni, Erdem Gunduz. She has collaborated as improvisation performer with Takla Improvising Group and Company Blu, alongside Julyen Hamilton and a large number of musicians.

She studied ballet mainly with Gabriella Musacchio, Marina Van Hoecke and Yoko Wakabayashi; contemporary dance with Ivan Wolfe, Susanne Linke, Raffaella Giordano, Giorgio Rossi, David Zambrano; physical theatre with Cesar Brie; she studies and practiced contact improvisation, among others, with Ivan Wolfe, Adi Sha’al, Koshro Adibi and Sabine Parzer; contact-tango with Javier Cura. In 2013 she attends Biennale College Danza at Biennale di Venezia directed by Virgilio Sieni, working in the project by Thomas Lebrun. She practices singing and vocal research, she dances tango argentino. In 2005 she had a bachelor’s degree in Political Sciences in Naples.

In February 2016 she premiered with the new solo the speech, directed by Lisi Estarás at Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome. In September 2016 she was the artist in residence at Italian Cultural Institute of Paris, for the project “Le promesse dell’arte” that promotes young italian artists in France. For the two-year period 2017/2018 she is associated artist to Festival Oriente Occidente in Rovereto.

  • 2016 · collaboration MasDanza · Strascichi