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Jaime Conde-Salazar

With Mercat de les Flors, 2019

Jaime Conde-Salazar Pérez (Madrid, 1974) holds a degree in History of Art (1997, Universidad Complutense de Madrid). He earned his MA in Performance Studies (2002, New York University) thanks to a MEC-Fulbright scholarship. Between 2003 and 2006 he directed the “Estrella Casera” Dance Classroom of the University of Alcalá. He has regularly collaborated as a dance critic in magazines such as Por la Danza (Madrid), SuzyQ (Madrid), Ballet / Tanz (Berlin), Mouvement (Paris), Hystrio (Roma) and Obscena (Lisbon). In 2015, he published the book “La Danza del Futuro” (Graner / Mercat de les Flors). As a dramaturgist, he has accompanied the processes of creation of Ben Benauisse, I-Chen Zuffellato, Antonio Tagliarini, Sociedad Doctor Alonso, Claudia Faci, Aitana Cordero, Elena Córdoba, La Ribot, Barbara Sánchez and Aimar Pérez Galí, among others.

  • 2019 · with Mercat de les Flors · Conference: pieces, architectures and fetishes