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Jordi Cortés

Collaborations, 2015

“Be strong!”; that is the meaning of kiakaha, a Maori expression that inspired Jordi Cortés when he chose the name for the Kiakahart Association. Cortés has worked with the members of this association for more than ten years in the field of physical theatre and dance, particularly integrated dance. Now, the Kiakahart Association has launched a performative project in which different characters will share their experiences through words and the language of the body. Each of these performers has a peculiar relationship with their body and their surrounding environment, because each has their own peculiarity. Through eroticism, sensuality, object fetishism and the gaze of the other, they will gradually share their experiences. The audience will witness and encourage the confessions and attempts of these performers to free their bodies through the language of dance.

  • 2015 · collaboration Festival Grec · Fuck-in-Progress