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Laila Tafur and Alba Rihe

Open call, 2019

Laila Tafur

Tired of hearing the phrase “thinking from the body”, said by people and contexts who don’t know how to talk beyond the chair or the floor, I want to give body to the most popular songs that are heard in all places of contemporary art, where the body is mentioned without chewing, thinking about it but without it. So, if I criticise it, I can stay inside that criticism and not lose coherence between words and actions.
Released from the need to capitalise my work as it is identified as conceptual or formal or performance or dance, or blablabla. In short, activist of the body and committed to the act of generating power and form.

Alba Rihe

Cultural instigator, my career is related to a non-academic artistic circuit. There is always an urgency to explain things, things that bother me, that deform me, that excite me, that happen, just things. I can add to that that to explain things I like to use the body, but in a different way, to explain places where I am not comfortable creates new dynamics, where observation and consistency create new ways of observing. That puts me in a different place and I like it! In order to achieve constant detachment from the knowledge acquired, I believe it is vital to surround yourself with new people in order to create constant contamination and to create a hybrid power of knowledge and action.

  • 2019 · open call · Menos festival Más ritual


“Rihe and Baila are from different disciplines, one sings, the other dances, but both, eager to crack, move towards the other. Without prejudice, with shared sources, multiple methodologies and tools, and collaborative structures all around. They want to praise contagiousness as a method of research and artistic production, using the limits as strength for expansion. What has dancing got in common with singing, and vice versa? How to put discourse into action? The crack hisses as it opens, as it opens a new path, threatening the solidity and unity of a thing. The thing harasses me, but if it has cracks, the thing is harassed by the crack. The crack screams as it grows, because it is unstoppable, and its progress allows filtration of other things that were not him, or her, or whoever. This is called capillarity and it is a possibility that exists in all liquids, in everything that has a limit like a membrane. I would say, in everything that it is. It is fascinating”.