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Laila Tafur

Collaborations, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016

Uses her body as a tool with which to transcend the physical and theoretical world, and from there to investigate the creation of limited realities: image, action, performance or installation. She fixes her gaze on the frontier and the form.
Her baggage is that of any dancer, from beginnings dedicated to the classics through to non-technical movement, passing through any number of contemporary dance techniques. She uses her work to keep alive such concepts as: well done/badly done; popular/elitist; beauty/utility. In addition to enjoying the act of dancing without worrying about the ideas she may awaken.
Her career has developed between Granada, Barcelona, Reykjavik, Lisbon, Copenhagen and Ibiza, collecting along the way a long list of experiences, skills, habits and information on questions such as what a performance is or where dance is heading.

  • 2012 · collaboration Escena Poblenou · Mitologies
  • 2013 · collaboration cicle Dansa Ara · Mi arma
  • 2016 · collaboration G.R.U.A. i cicle Dansa Ara · Monstruo