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Manuel Rodríguez

Collaborations, Open call, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018

Manuel Rodriguez was born in Ubeda (Jaen), studied Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance at the Conservatory of Dance Luis del Rio de Cordoba and Royal Conservatory of Mariemma Dance in Madrid, also Fine Arts at the Escuela de Arte Nº 10 in Madrid.

In 2010 he creates his first solo entitled “Limits” with which participates in different festivals and with that obtained several prizes in international competitions such as ACT International Festival (Bilbao), Choreography Contest Burgos / New York and Madrid Unidanza Contest. Also in that same year he received 2º Prize Choreographic Contest of Madrid by the duo “Escuálido Marsupial” created with Elias Aguirre. In 2012 created the piece entitled “Loser Kings” and its short version “Fifht Corner” co-directed with Guido Sarli (Umma Umma Dance), with getting 1º Prize in International Choreography Contest “Burgos / NYC”, 1º prize in the Choreographic Contest of Madrid , the 2º Prize at the Copenhagen International Choreography Competition, Award Tanzcompanie production of Graz Opera in International Choreography Competition No Ballet 2013 and an honorable mention at the 17th Choreographic Contest MASDANZA. In 2014 he premiered his solo “Screensaver” in the Salmon Festival European Talents Upstream  at Mercat de les Flors Theatre Barcelona, nd in its short version, won the 1º Prize in Gdansk International Dance Contest 2014 in Poland. In 2015 he makes a piece for Tanzcompanie of Graz Opera in Austria co-directed with Guido Sarli. Recently he nominated for the Critics Awards in the category of Best Dancer for the piece “Voronia” (La Veronal Company). In 2016 he created R.E.M a piece for 7 performers, nominated in the “Butaca Awards 2016” from Cataluña.

Manuel Rodriguez throughout his career he has collaborated with different companies and choreographers as James Thiérrée / Compagnie Du Hanneton (2014, 2013 and 2014 in production “Tabac Rouge”), Carmen Werner, Sharon Fridman, Emmanuel Eggermont / Cie L’Antrhacite and Marcos Morau / La Veronal.

He has also developed his role as a visual artist and graphic designer in charge of the image of all your personal stage projects and other dance companies. Practice mural painting with different techniques specializing in aerosol. Since 1997 conducts numerous events and exhibitions has been in charge of various projects and interior decoration.

  • 2012 · open call with Umma Umma Dance · Loser Kings
  • 2014 · open call & collaboration with Festival Sâlmon< · Screensaver
  • 2016 · collaboration cicle Dansa Ara, Nit dels Museus & Festival Sâlmon< · REM
  • 2017 · collaboration Institut Ramon Llull & Kyoto Arts Center · Body on paper
  • 2018 · collaboration Institut Ramon Llull & Kyoto Arts Center · Body on paper