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Maria Siebald

Collaborations, 2018

María Siebald (Santiago, Chile, 1980) is an actress and director of the performance group Nerven & Zellen. Since 2009 she has researched sign language and incorporates it into her performance language, creating projects designed for the deaf community, with the aim of bringing them closer to music. Her projects include NZcanal, small pieces of video with visual choreography (2009 to present). She presented the first concert for deaf people in Chile (2013) and Transmitter, carried out with the collaboration of artists Garret Linn and Nicolás Spencer, an invited project at the 12th Biennial of Media Arts (2015). She won the National Prize for Cultural Innovation – Avonni 2015.

  • 2018 · collaboration Festival Sâlmon< · Trasunto