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I’m a graduate in Physical Theatre at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona. I have studied and worked in Spain, Germany and Argentina. I have worked as a performer for choreographers and directors (Retrospective, by Xavier Le Roy) but also develop my solo works as an independent creator: VIP, a homage to Severiano Naudin, won the Jury Prize of the 1ooЉ Berlin Festival in 2o12. Some other works are Una familia balla (2o15), Mos Maiorum (2o16), Kopfkino (2o16) and Gentry (2o18). I’m a member of two different companies: Mos Maiorum and Los Detectives. I combine my creative work with teaching.

Projects in residencie at Graner

The work that I will be carrying out at the Graner covers several areas: creation, research and education. From now until July 2019, I will be working on a scenic creation job with the Los Detectives dance and theatre company (María García Vera and Marina Colomina in collaboration with Amaranta Velarde). This is a stage piece that researches female bodies of women from the Early Middle Ages, and more specifically, medieval spirituality, with particular focus on in their visionary experiences. This piece is supported by the Grec Festival at the Antic Theatre, La Caldera, Festival SÂLMON < and Graner, and will be premiered at Grec 2019.

In addition to this, until June, I will be doing a workshop at Montjuïc Secondary School as part of the Graner educational programme neighbourhood youth scheme. Looking towards 2020, I am planning several production works: a documentary theatre piece with Mos Maiorum company (together with Ireneu Tranis and Alba Valldaura) and a solo piece for teenage audiences. In the educational field, I aim to start a community creation project with young people from the Marina district.