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Mariona Naudin

Collaborations, Open call, 2016

Mariona Naudin is a creator and performer who has trained and worked in Barcelona, Berlin and Argentina. She has taken part in group projects (Retrospectiva by Xavier Roy) and has also created solo pieces (VIP, homenaje a Severiano Naudin). Over the past few years she has developed her own work, which has been shown at various theatres and festivals in Catalonia (Una familia baila TNT 2015, Mos Maiorum TNT 2016). She is currently resident artist at El Graner and is part of the ARTAS collective, linked to La Poderosa. Her work revolves around research into the body, anthropology and words.

On this occasion her work is shared with a team of women who work in live arts, both from dance and from gesture theatre backgrounds: María García Vera, Marina Colomina, Mar Median and Laia Cabrera. All of them have taken part in the creation process and direction of the piece, so it can be said that Kopfkino is a collective work.

  • 2016 · open call · Friccions
  • 2016 · collaboration Festival Sâlmon< · Kopfkino