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Óscar Bueno

Collaborations, Open call, 2019, 2018

Professional Music Degree in the specialty of Piano. Bachelor of Dramatic Art for the ESAD of Asturias in the specialty of Textual Interpretation. Master in Scenic Practice and Visual Culture of the University of Castilla la Mancha and the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid. Complete his training in workshops with Roberto Oliván, Pepe Hevia, Fernando Hurtado, Mira Rychlicka, Leo Bassi, Carlos Marquerie, etc. In 2013 he is invited to the Scenic Creation Laboratory, Exploring the processes. In this laboratory works together with the scenic artist Itxaso Corral and they decide create Poderío Vital, who continues in active performing presentations in places such as Pradillo Theater, Museum of Reina Sofía Art, MACBA, Hiroshima Hall, Tabakalera, Matadero Madrid, etc. The work of Poderío Vital is halfway between music, the scene and the visual arts. He works in a project called Concert, still in process. He works in four different pieces, four movements, in relation to time, the space, the body and the unknown.

In 2016 he participates in the creation and the interpretation of the piece by Cris Blanco Bad Translation presented at the Mercat de les Flors, La Casa Encendida, Naves de Valencia, etc. Continuing his work on the scene he presents together with the choreographer Amalia Fernández ‘El resistente y delicado hilo musical’. Also in that year he is awarded with the grant of Government of Madrid to the creation of musical scores with the Big Square project. In 2017 he worked with Cuqui Jerez in a piece made at the Reina Sofia Museum and with the scenic artist María Jerez in her new piece Yabba, presented in Veranos de la Villa.

  • 2018 · open call · Línea larga punto punto punto más alto curva hacia arriba punto
  • 2019 · follow up · Soundtrack