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Soren Evinson

Collaborations, 2018

When large groups of people get together to do something, it is usually fun. Groups are charged with pleasure, power and exclusion. This is inevitable. And feeling pleasure is fun and exerting power is fun and excluding others is also fun. So there is a lot of joy in all of this. A NATION IS BORN IN ME is an exploration of how these elements work together to strengthen each other. But this piece is also the product of a personal obsession with creating a work that would perfectly fit the encounter between the performer and the audience. Something irreplaceable. Something slippery to the gaze and confusing to the mind. Something that would defuse all resistance. Something impossible to fight against. Something worth surrendering to. When I began to mix all of this up with my taste for theatre, I was relieved to see that I was on the right track.

“All of this was really affecting us and there was no way out. After a while, I started to care less about others. Who was I to think I could change anything? Everyone was hurt and feeling somewhat down. Rage erupted at times, but mostly the feeling was of self-defeat. Then I began to define my personal task. I said to myself: ‘if you really want to change something, make sure you involve as many people as possible. And most importantly, make sure that you are the one in charge.’ After that I could feel a surge of inner strength.

  • 2018 · A Nation Is Born in Me · collaboration with G.R.U.A. and TNT Festival.