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Txalo Toloza · Laida Azkona

Collaborations, Open call, 2014, 2016, 2018

Txalo Toloza-Fernández (Antofagasta, 1975) Somewhere between audio-visual creation, performance and activism, Txalo Toloza-Fernández has decided to embrace the label of being unclassifiable, in the knowledge that by not pigeon-holing himself clearly he is making things even more complicated. And at the same time providing hiimself with an excuse to do pretty much what he likes without too much worry. A member of La Sauna International, the Roger Bernat company and a regular collaborator with performer Sònia Gómez, this is his third piece together with Navarrese choreographer Laida Azkona.

Laida Azkona Goñi (Pamplona, 1981) Laida trained as a dancer and choreographer in Pamplona, England, Austria and New York.
She currently works as a dancer and directs her own performance pieces with a particular focus on movement. Over the past few years she has collaborated with companies Wee/ Scavetta Company (Oslo), In this Section – Juschka Weigel (Berliin), Sens Production – Noemí Lafrance (New York)
and Cia. Bebeto Cidra (Barcelona) among others. Her two most recent solo creations are Mu-To (excavar un túnel hasta China) and Ciento Volando. Her latest premiered show was Títulos para una aproximación al ruído.
Laida is also artistic director of the Inmediaciones Festival.

  • 2018 · open call · Tierras del Sud
  • 2016 · collaboration Sâlmon< · Extraños mares arden
  • 2014 · collaboration Antic Teatre · Trópico núm.9 Tierra quemada