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Collaborations, Open call, 2019, 2015, 2017, 2018

The idea that our identity is not something inherent that exists just because -but it is imagined, invented and represented-, prevails throughout Dios tiene vagina (God Has a Vagina). The piece focuses on (the idea of God and other) questions related to gender and identity, through a dissident repertoire, far from the iconographic andalusian imaginary of the company.

Dios tiene vagina is the first part of Dyptich for Identity, a particular research carried out since 2013 on issues of gender and identity. The main purpose with this piece is to propose a context of thought and action able to offer, through artistic and dissident political practices, concepts permeable to identity.

  • 2017 ·open call · Dios tiene vagina
  • 2015 · collaboration with TNT · Oro de Nazario Diaz
  • 2018 · open call · Jura de Bandera
  • 2019 · collaboration with Festival SÂLMON< · Jura de Bandera