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Collaborations, Open call, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

Vértebro are Ángela López, Juan Diego Calzada and Nazario Díaz. Together since 2007, our work is characterized by a particular mixture of disciplines and the expansion of our Andalusian imaginary to its maximum power. In Córdoba we curate Beautiful Movers, a meeting-miracle for the contemporary scene where creators like Rodrigo García, Idoia Zabaleta, Societat Doctor Alonso, El Conde de Torrefiel, Patricia Caballero or Pilar Albarracín have passed. From 2013, and within the Diptych for identity, we carried out a series of pieces and actions around identity issues, with the desire to propose a context of thought and action that makes visible permeable concepts about gender, faith, politics or sexuality. Diptych for identity was premiered in February 2019 at Reims Scenes d´Europe (France), and is a co-production with TNT Terrassa Noves Tendències (Barcelona), Naves Matadero – International Center for Live Arts (Madrid) and Graner-Festival SÂLMON< (Barcelona). In 2020, coinciding with the change of the decade, we decided not to produce any show. It’s time for <Fallow>.

  • 2015 · collaboration with TNT · Oro de Nazario Diaz
  • 2017 ·open call · Dios tiene vagina
  • 2018 · open call · Jura de Bandera
  • 2019 · collaboration with Festival SÂLMON< · Jura de Bandera
  • 2020 · research open call · Barbecho


Fallow / Flowering is a proposal of Vértebro that aims to generate a period of reflection and regeneration on our own collective (understood as an entity that produces scenic pieces and coordinates contexts of thought and action around live arts) through a series of meetings that will take place in 2020 and 2021.

Fallow, the specific stage of the project with which we apply to the Graner creation grants program in Research Residences modality, proposes a deceleration time to rethink our “collective doing” methodologies and an opening time to share our practices and desires with other agents belonging to the broad Graner community.

In 2021 we proposed a final stage (Flowering) of reflection, praxis and application of these findings around creative community formulas, with the aim of generating a series of works for the scene, with new parameters to which we had been developing in the last six years, for which we will try to find other resources, aid and alliances in other public or private entities.

Fallow / Flowering will take different forms depending on the context; a pseudo-teaching program, a temporary and uncertain school, a curative practice expanded over time, collateral and indirect, following the trail of our Beautiful Movers meetingmiraclefestival, a rescue publication on artistic practices.

In short, it is about taking time away from traditional production systems to think of ourselves as a collective and allow us to nurture and affect, to enrich our strategies and preconceived notions about authorship, for our future production.