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Yujiro Sagami

Collaborations, 2018

Born in 1982. A director. Kyoto-based. He began to work on performing arts in 2004, and in collaboration with Itami City residents over 70 years old, he presented “DRAMATHOLOGY” (2009), which was featured at Festival/Tokyo 10 next year. He has collaborated with 17 of Fukui citizens whose ages range from 17-74 in some previous works such as “It used to be there” (2014). He also directed “Takuma Nakahira, Image with a head start” (2011, Festival/Tokyo11), and “about ANGELS” (2012, TPAM in YOKOHAMA2012). In 2015, “about ANGELS” was restaged at TPAM in YOKOHAMA 2015 as collaboration work with Thai Dancer(Kornkarn Rungsawang from Picket Klunchun Dance Company). His latest production is “SUPERIMPOSE” (2016)

  • 2018 · exchange programme with Kyoto Art Center · Living / Dead / Garden

* During his residence of creation Yujiro Sagami was working with the local artist Ventura Garriga