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Collaborations 2019

At Graner, we develop artistic cooperation projects with other local, national and international cultural agents. Regardless of whether they are organisations, festivals or showcases, we establish a dialogue based on the requirements, priorities and opportunities for collaboration to produce projects and agreements that help creation and research about body and movement language. These collaborations often take the form of creation residencies that are hosted by Graner or that take place in other spaces and contexts with the assistance of Graner.

Leaving aside the residencies hosted by Graner coming from proposals produced jointly or that are somehow related to Mercat de les Flors, Graner in 2019 has collaborated and organised creation residencies with the following cultural agents:

  • Sergi Faustino with Antic Teatre
  • Janet Novás with Sismògraf
  • Javier Guerrero with Festival Grec
  • AfricaMoment Festival
  • HOP! Festival
  • Miquel Barcelona with FiraTàrrega
  • Tentativas with PEI -MACBA
  • Premio Institut del Teatre
  • Mambo Project with FiraTàrrega
  • Raquel Gualtero with la Quinzena
  • A3Bandes with Festival Grec
  • Paloma Muñoz with CaixaForum
  • Sleepwalk Collective with Teatro de la Abadia
  • Cecilia Molano with Teatre Principal de Palma
  • Amalia Fernández and Juan Domínguez with Teatros del Canal

Creative Meeting Point: Hong Kong x Barcelon

Creative Meeting Point: Hong Kong x Barcelona, two-week artist residency exchange starting May 2018, supports artistic research and development. Following two successful collaborations with Finland and Australia launched in November 2016 and March 2017, the West Kowloon Cultural Authority (WKCDA) Performing Arts Department announces a third residency exchange programme, Creative Meeting Point: Hong Kong x Barcelona in collaboration with Barcelona, Spain’s municipal performing arts venue Mercat de les Flors. Spanning three years, the collaboration builds on the international dance network established at WKCDA and cultivates global arts leaders by enhancing cultural exchange and creating international access for local art communities. To deepen artistic conversations between art practitioners in both cities, this initiative earmarks resources for residencies, exchange projects, research, work-in-development showcases, workshops, forums and more.

Hong Kong dance artists Mao Wei and Wong Pik Kei took part in the first two-week exchange in Barcelona. Javier Guerrero and Raquel Klein are the Spanish artists will come to Hong Kong.

  • 2018 · Mao Wei and Wong Pik Kei · residence at Graner
  • 2019 · Raquel Klein and Javier Guerrero · residence at WKCDA Hong Kong
  • 2019 · Mao Wei and Wong Pik Kei · residence at Graner

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