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At Graner, we develop artistic cooperation projects with other local, national and international cultural agents. Regardless of whether they are organisations, festivals or showcases, we establish a dialogue based on the requirements, priorities and opportunities for collaboration to produce projects and agreements that help creation and research about body and movement language. These collaborations often take the form of creation residencies that are hosted by Graner or that take place in other spaces and contexts with the assistance of Graner.

Leaving aside the residencies hosted by Graner coming from proposals produced jointly or that are somehow related to Mercat de les Flors, Graner has collaborated and organised creation residencies with the following cultural agents:

  • Modul – Dance Project
  • Festival SÂLMON<
  • #FF80 Project – Temporada Alta
  • FID
  • FiraTàrrega
  • Festival Grec
  • En Residència Project
  • Barris en Dansa Project
  • La Poderosa
  • Instituto Cervantes Japón
  • Antic Teatre
  • Interpolación Project
  • Festival TNT
  • Cicle Dansa Ara
  • Festival Sismògraf
  • Theatre de la Ville
  • Festival Masdanza
  • Sala Pradillo
  • Col·lectiu G.R.U.A.
  • Festival Alt Vigo
  • Premi IT
  • L’Auditori de Barcelona
  • Circular Festival
  • Teatro Rosalía de Castro
  • Festival Escena Poblenou
  • Festival ‘3,2,1’ Alhóndiga Bilbao
  • La Nit dels Museus
  • Festival Interplay / Lavanderia Vapore (Italia)
  • Festival Cumplicidades (Brasil)
  • Fly Global (Taiwan)
  • Attakkalari Biennal (India)
  • Kyoto Arts Center (Japo)
  • NAVE (Xile)